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Threat Detection system, composed of an imaging modality, network integration, peripherals, and AI detection algorithms,

An imaging technology, such as x-rays, is a key component of a detection solution, but it is not the full solution. Several technologies must come together to build a robust and effective detection solution.

When selecting technologies to integrate into a detection solution, it is important to choose technologies which are orthogonal to each other. For example, a system with two visible light cameras; gray-scale (monochromatic) and colored, is redundant as the data presented by the two cameras overlap significantly. In contrast, a solution combining a visible light camera with an x-ray imaging system is more useful as the two technologies provide significantly different and complementary information.

In the context of threat and anomaly detection in vehicles, packages, and cargo, a detection solution typically comprises some or all of the technologies below:

  • An imaging system with penetrating radiation, typically x-rays

  • Surveillance cameras to monitor the scan area

  • Peripheral systems such as license plate and container identification code readers, and so on

  • Imaging software to manipulate and enhance image data, threat annotation tools, storage and archiving

  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms and operator assist tools

The information provided here is intended to provide a high-level overview of x-ray imaging technologies. Readers interested in more in depth discussions on the subject are encouraged to consult online resources and technical papers. If you have questions on our products and services, please contact us.

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