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Detection of threats and contraband starts with high fidelity imaging and sensor data, but it doesn't end there. Data can quickly become overwhelming and human operators, no matter how skilled, can get fatigued and distracted.

At SeeThru AI, we build best in class x-ray backscatter vehicle inspection systems and augment them with advanced Image Analysis tools and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Automated Detection and Operator Assist.

Given the diversity of threats and contraband encountered around the globe, we customize our solutions to meet your specific needs and environment.

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  • Multi-modality drive-through vehicle inspection portal

  • Combines xray Backscatter, Forward Scatter and Dual-Energy material identification imaging for maximum detection

  • Unparalleled imaging performance

  • Minimum civil work and easily relocatible

  • Unique NanoDose technology, perfectly safe for scanning vehicles with occupants


Artificial Intelligence


Xray backscatter vehicle imagery can quickly overwhelm operators, reducing detection performance and throughput. To counter that, we offer AI Algorithms customized for your specific requirements, including

  • Weapons Detection

  • Explosives Detection

  • Stowaway Detection and People Counting

xgate drive-through portal, top down x-ray transmission image, weapons detection
xgate drive-through portal, top down x-ray backscatter image, explosives detection
xgate drive-through portal, top down x-ray dual-energy image, people detection
xgate drive-through portal, top down x-ray backscatter image, people detection

Customized Solutions


One size doesn't always fit all. We understand your application may require customization or integration with other systems.  We will always go the extra mile to build solutions that meet your requirements.

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